Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Tyneside Safety Glass has received extensive certification for our processes and manufacturing quality, holding approval from a wide range of bodies across all of the industries that we work in. Put simply, you can rest assured that the safety glass you order and receive from Tyneside Safety Glass is of the highest possible standard according to independent bodies.

Tyneside Safety Glass is a member of the British Standards Institute (BSI), and our ISO9001 Management System has been approved and certified by their UKAS accredited team, but we also hold a comprehensive list of international automotive safety glass approvals. These include ECE Regulation 43 and ANSI Z26.1 across our entire product range, as externally verified by BSI, VCA and AMECA, as well as GM/RT 2456 and GM/RT 2100 rail standards for side glazing applications.

To ensure the consistent quality of our safety glass we employ an internal team of quality control professionals to work within the ISO9001 framework across all levels of our business. We also enact full material control and traceability as part of our original equipment manufacture programme.

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