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At Tyneside Safety Glass we pride ourselves on being high quality toughened glass manufacturers, and the first choice for renowned companies worldwide.

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Tyneside Safety Glass is a company with over 80 years of experience in creating toughened glass for use both in the UK and internationally. Both our flat and curved toughened glass products are manufactured using state of the art technology and machinery that produce a product with the highest quality of safety.

Our glass is created on superior automated production lines that are capable of processing even the most complex of shapes. The specialist CNC machinery that we use is able to achieve cut outs and notches to toughened glass that can be used for automotive and rail industries. Plus, our horizontally curved toughened glass is created using sag or press bending methods, without any unsightly tong marks.

With a reputation for exceeding expectations as a toughened glass manufacturer, Tyneside Safety Glass are proud to supply their products to clients on a worldwide scale, from the smallest businesses in the UK to the largest companies oversees. Through experience and successful partnerships we have gained a depth of knowledge regarding what our clients expect from us.

Our equipment suppliers are chosen with the very strictest selection process, ensuring that our finished products maintain the quality that gives us our reputation. With manufacturers for industries including agriculture, architecture, construction, defence and the emergency services all using Tyneside Safety Glass as a supplier, we make sure that the safety and total reliability of our products is without question.

As well as being reputable toughened glass manufacturers, we at Tyneside Safety Glass have the ability to be flexible and versatile when it comes to delivering solutions to our clients, especially those that may have specific issues or needs ranging from design briefs to collection requirements. We are always happy to assist in the export of goods to destinations both near or far either by road, sea or air.

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