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Tyneside Safety Glass manufactures and supplies flat and curved laminated glass for the ultimate protection. See what makes us stand out as the leading laminated glass manufacturers.

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At Tyneside Safety Glass we combine state of the art technology with high-class expertise to produce superior laminated glass. We establish what is important when it comes to the installation of safety glass, making sure that it holds together and stays in its frame upon impact, reducing any risk of injury.

Our highly skilled team are also able to produce a range of laminated glass whether you want the simplest of shapes or a more complex curve. Through the use of our specialist CNC machinery, we are able to edge the glass to specific shapes to suit the need of the client and our range of furnaces allow the glass to be moulded into complex bends.

Whether you choose either our flat or curved laminated glass, we offer additional processes including a number of different colour options, specialist edge finishes, “invisible” heated elements and dot matrix designs that are created with top class ceramic inks and can be printed using digital technology.

Safety glass plays an important role both in homes and businesses. With over 50 years of experience in production and sales, our bespoke laminated safety glass has been used for a number of architectural and automotive applications including heavy goods vehicles, specialist motor sport vehicles, passenger transport and construction vehicles throughout the world. By working closely with our clients, we deliver safety glass that suits you and your business. With reputable global clients we are dedicated to supplying specialist safety glass.

Tyneside Safety Glass are happy to offer full technical support and advice on all of our products from the initial design stage to its manufacture. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service all the way from production to purchase.

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