Speed Door



Tyneside Safety Glass have recently invested in a new bespoke high speed Bulldoor from Union Industries.

As the conditions inside the warehouse are often high in temperature, a solution was required to let air into the factory, but at the same time reduce the ingress of dust and wind which can have an effect on the process of the printing, the solution was also required for health & safety reasons as too much wind tunnelling into the building can knock sheets of glass over causing risk to employees.

Union Industries specified their Bulldoor Rapid Roller Door which is designed for areas where moderate wind speeds are apparent and the door has also been specially designed to include extra deep non-standard seals and a bespoke door blade to include a perforated mesh panel to allow some, but not excessive air movement in the factory.

Tyneside’s MD Chris Hannant can be seen pictured with Alan Hirst, Sales Director of Union Industries after installation of the project.

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