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From construction vehicles to sports cars, from Fire tenders to restoration projects, the Tyneside Safety Glass team are the auto glass manufacturers of choice for vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

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Across our 80 year history, Tyneside Safety Glass has made glass for production cars, motorsport vehicles, hobby kit cars, recycling and refuse collection lorries and everything in between. We supply curved and flat panel glass constructions to manufacturers across the world, and our glass is used in a multitude of different vehicle types.

Whether we are working with a bespoke vehicle developer, a large national or international manufacturer or an aftermarket distributor, our specialist, on-site manufacturing facilities are equipped to deal with orders of any size.

We pride ourselves on being able to deal with any request, creating a glass construction that matches your needs and specific stipulations. To this end, we provide optional screen printing as well as specialist CNC edgework and routing and can also provide advice on solar and acoustic control interlayers.

From the smallest enquiry to the largest order, Tyneside Safety Glass' sales and after-sales departments work closely with the client to ensure satisfaction at every level. They will provide answers to any questions quickly and efficiently, and offer a full suite of technical advice should it be needed. Our teams are flexible, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to communicate with. It's our goal to provide the highest level of service in the industry and we hope you'll find that our customer service, like our glass constructions, are of the utmost quality.

When ordering glass for automotive manufacture the Tyneside Safety Glass team provides support and valuable information throughout every stage of the development process through to final delivery.

Jaguar Hearse
Merc Econic
Olympus Refuse

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