Toughened Glass

Tyneside Safety Glass specialise in the manufacture of the highest quality flat and curved toughened glass by combining state of the art technology and machinery which offers outstanding safety qualities.

Our automated production lines are capable of cutting, breaking out each specific shape of glass, edging the glass from a standard arrissed to polished edge finish, drill holes and screen print ceramic inks including dot matrix degrade designs on float glass. We can also offer the ability to process complex cut outs and notches by utilising specialist CNC machinery and are able to supply toughened double glazed units for automotive and rail applications.

Our horizontally processed curved toughened glass is manufactured by either sag or press bending methods which results in excellent optical quality products with no unsightly tong marks.

From the smallest enquiry to large OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) requirements we would be please to receive your enquiry and more than capable of meeting your demands.