Heated Glass

Offering a full design and development service Tyneside Safety Glass are specialists in the production of heated glass products in both laminated and toughened glass for use in automotive, bullet resistant and architectural glass applications. From the smallest bespoke low volume requirements to large high volume OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) production demands, with the flexibility and ease of communication our clients require along with the growing reputation for supplying a market leading quality, reliable product our global client base for heated glass products continues to grow.

Heated Laminated Glass: When heated glass is required in a laminated application we utilise our state of the art processing machinery to lay and heat tungsten “invisible” wires onto the surface of the PVB (Poly Vinyl Butryl) interlayer which is then laminated between glasses and also carry a full range of leads and connectors so we can offer advice on. Heated laminated glass utilised in an automotive application helps to control condensation, de-mist, and de-icing of the glass which improves visibility and safety. We currently supply heated laminated glass for use in various applications such as passenger transport vehicles (bus & coach) historic and modern motorsport vehicles, specialist sportscars, construction and agricultural vehicles, vehicles used in cold storage facilities, commercial, armoured and military vehicles.

Heated Toughened Glass: For automotive backlights (rear windows) specialist conductive inks are applied to the surface of the glass by our automated screen printing machinery and the ink is then fired into the surface of the glass during the toughening process. Again we carry a full range of leads and connectors which we can offer our advice on.